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About Diabetor

Diabetor.com is the resource of the most important, most useful, and most current information about diabetes mellitus. We are here to let you know more about this disease so that you could either prevent it or control and fight it.

Today, with the rapidly growing number of people suffering from different types of diabetes mellitus, it is extremely important to be aware of the mechanisms and causes of the disease. This invaluable knowledge will help you and your family to avoid diabetes and its complications. It is even more important to perfectly know the symptoms of diabetes so that to recognize the disease as soon as possible in case it emerges. Understanding the disease in all the details will turn it from an unknown disaster into a condition that you are capable of dealing with.

Diabetor.com gives you the possibility to learn everything you need to know about diabetes in a number of easily understandable informative articles. They explain what diabetes mellitus is, what the causes of the disease are, and how it can be recognized. Comprehensible information on all of the diabetes mellitus types will not only help to distinguish the causes and the symptoms, but also give a clear picture on how each type of diabetes can be treated. We offer you interesting and up-to-date information that is vital for leading a healthy life.

What is more, Diabetor wants to make you fully equipped with information on the anti-diabetic medications that you’ve been prescribed. Here, you will get to know everything about the action of different anti-diabetic drugs, peculiarities of the regimen, specific recommendations and contraindications. When providing you with this type of information and offering our help in fighting diabetes pharmaceutically, we constantly keep your safety as our primary goal.

If you need answers on numberless questions about diabetes, if you strive for preventing this disease, if you need a helping hand in fighting diabetes, Diabetor will make it all possible!