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Don’t Panic, just Mind the Diabetic Symptoms!

Diabetic livingDiabetes is the disease that strikes the globe today with the number of people who suffer and the severity of its complications. However, the disease that is said to trouble the lives of those suffering may occur to be not so much painful in case it is carefully controlled by a person. One may stress that it is easier said than done, while total control may appear to be impossible. Remembering that keeping an eye on the disease and its symptoms may easily eliminate the consequences. Thus, list of requirements is designed in order to ease the life of diabetics.

It is not obligatory, but preferable for the person with diabetes to have a planned eating habit and to get engaged in as many of the physical activities, as it appears possible. It is simply explained by the fact that physical activity eases the process of insulin usage. Occasionally, it is physical activity that makes person get over the insulin shots and oral agents or pills.

Medical examination is believed to be more than sensible. Caring about the state of health, one should see an endocrinologist at least once in a half of a year. It is a diabetic team whose members will definitely help the diabetics with the individually planned meals. All the stresses caused by the disease may be easily helped by the mental health professionals, social workers and psychologists who will teach a person how to live with this disease. Moreover, not only living is guaranteed, but the life of surprises, positive moments and memories. Eye doctor, an ophthalmologist, should observe the patient’s eyes in order to make sure that any possible problems caused by diabetes are revealed in time to become more serious.

Except hospital interventions, the personal involvement is a good idea to be mentioned.  Nothing will disturb the patient’s patience in case daily blood tests are done. It is this type of testing that eliminates further deterioration of the person’s health, the one that will surely define whether the diet plan works properly, if the exercises are active enough and the medication will help to stabilize the level of glucose.

The importance of the prescriptions that are made by doctors and other members of the team is explained in an easiest way. Diabetes that is poorly managed may cause a bunch of long-term complications among which one may easily define heart strokes, attacks, blindness, blood vessel disease, kidney failure. All of those enlisted above are the factors that influence the men’s impotence, nerve damage, and often require amputation of the certain part of the human body.

The most recent studies which were set in a period of 10 years revealed that in case the level of the blood sugar is kept as close to the normal as it is possible, the risk of complications is easily reduced by more than 50%.

Moreover, the modern technologically advanced period of time is looking forward to finding out all the possible preventive measures that can be taken against diabetes. Nowadays it appears to be quite simple to identify the person who is at risk of diabetes, to organize a special diet and exercises, etc. After insulin was discovered in 1920’s and hypoglycaemic drugs were presented in 1950s, a life of the person who suffers from diabetes became active and productive as the one of non sufferer. Of course, the disease should be regarded seriously and its importance should not be underestimated.

The next few decades are said to become a period of progressive therapy for insulin-dependent diabetes. The glucose control strategies are said to be improved. Naturally, all this becomes possible exclusively under the condition that special mechanical devices will stand their spread. These contraptions are far from the quaint anachronisms. They are the units that include sensors for implantable glucose and are equipped with the systems for implantable insulin infusion. Moreover, modern technologies are those for the transplantation of beta cells unless there is a need of the therapy to suppress immune system in order to prevent the rejection.

For those people who hardly imagine the new technologies mentioned above or do not believe they can influence the quality of life of diabetics, the new form of insulin is introduced. It is the one that is inhaled. The scientists from Universities of Vermont and Miamiproved that inhaled insulin is not worse than the one that is usually injected. The research was based on the examination of the Types I and II patients and proved to have no side effects. The therapy is based on the powdered form of the insulin which is inhaled into the lungs of the person. The procedure is simplified by the fact that this new insulin requires no refrigeration and no hypodermic needles, for insulin is inhaled into the lungs. The insulin injection made at night may be only required by Type I patients. This innovation as well as insulin pills usage is called to change the life of diabetes into the easier one.

What is more, proper nutrition is less strenuous today due to the variety of non-diabetic products. Diabetics can hardly obtain energy from glucose. That is why they need a schedule which will provide regular and balanced caloric intake or total caloric consumption. While mentioning diabetic dieting, it should be mentioned that it is not so difficult to be followed. The only general restriction is about sugar and flour intake which are to be carefully watched. The other thing is high-fat diet which is aimed at obesity exclusion.

Small but frequent meals which are required by diabetics are the thing mentioned as the useful and beneficial. Frequent multiple portions are said to be the food with the low level of cholesterol. Contrary to this, the diet of diabetics is rich in minerals and vitamins which are more than tasty!

By all said above, one may get sure that the life of diabetics is the one that resembles the one of those not suffering. The only thing to keep in mind is never to panic and ever be sensible in all actions and believes.

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