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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications

When Control Is Lost

As a rule, complications of diabetes mellitus rarely occur in patient that control their blood sugar levels well. When glycaemic control is lost, especially due to bad eating habits, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, or high blood pressure, the risk of developing diabetes complications increases greatly. This article gives brief information on … Read more

Diabetes and Relationships

Diabetes and Relationships

Taking the Changes in Stride

When you are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, management of the disease influences and changes all aspects of your life, including relationships. Certain changes are inevitable, and there’s no point in trying to keep diabetes in secret or in ignoring its influence on your life. Actually, this health condition should change your … Read more

Diabetes and Mouth Care

Diabetes and Mouth Care

Give No Way to Diabetes Complications

Those who think that diabetes is not a serious disease are deeply wrong. It’s obviously better to take control over the situation as soon as possible, not missing a single evidence of the disease. When your blood glucose levels are too high for a continuous period of time, all aspects … Read more

Diabetes and Exercises

Diabetes and Exercises

More Necessary than You Think

Exercising and physical activity are highly recommended to all people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Regular exercising helps keep better control over blood glucose levels. If you are encouraged to start doing exercises regularly, it is not a doctor’s whim. The more your muscles move, the more glucose is transported to the … Read more

50 diabetic facts

50 Interesting Facts About Diabetes

There are always lots of things to discover about this disease. As you know, informed means armed. This article will reveal 50 interesting facts about diabetes mellitus that you might have never heard about.

The first written record of a disease with symptoms suggesting diabetes mellitus dates back to 1500 B.C. Namely, in the Ebers papyrus, one … Read more

Diabetic Recipes: Cook Tasty Dishes, Controlling the Level of Sugar in the Blood!

Diabetic Recipes: Cook Tasty Dishes, Controlling the Level of Sugar in the Blood!

If one is certain that diabetic dieting is nothing but a pile of plants that lacks any taste, he / she will appear much embarrassed after the introduction of the real diabetic menu. These recipes may easily be collected by the diabetics as well as by those who mind their health and control the level … Read more

Diabetic Food

Food Intake is of much Importance for the Diabetics

The issue of the diabetic diet is said to be very controversial. It has a long history, for the first diet for the people who suffer diabetes was designed in 3500 B.C. in Egypt and had mass usage in the ancient India, approximately 2000 year ago, while being introduced by Charaka and Sushruta. A bit … Read more

Diabetic living

Don’t Panic, just Mind the Diabetic Symptoms!

Diabetes is the disease that strikes the globe today with the number of people who suffer and the severity of its complications. However, the disease that is said to trouble the lives of those suffering may occur to be not so much painful in case it is carefully controlled by a person. One may stress … Read more

Diabetic Polyneuropathy

Diabetic Polyneuropathy: Buy a Bike and Mind Your Health

A disorder that involves nerves affection may be a long-term complication of the diabetes and is known as diabetic polyneuropathy. It causes the total destruction of the nervous system, including central, automatic and peripheral nerves. It is significant for the ulcers which usually appear on the feet.

The leading cause of polyneuropathy that occur in developed … Read more

Diabetes Facts

Diabetes: Sweet Enemy or the Enemy Brought by Sweets?

The disability of the body either to produce, or to use and store simple sugar is known as Diabetes. The disease is characterized by the drastic rise of the body’s “sugar” that is as a rule a consequence of the glucose backing up in the bloodstream.


Diabetes has been known since the ancient times when the … Read more