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Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot: Never Forget to Have the Eye on the Feet!

 A diabetic foot is a foot disease that is caused by diabetes or any one of the long-term diabetic complication. Simultaneous occurrence of several diabetes food pathologies is known as diabetic foot syndrome.

Diabetes that is known for its influence on the blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, and eyes damages the general ability of the organism to … Read more

Scott Coleman and diabetes

Celebrities with Diabetes

Diabetes is not the reason not to become famous. Our history remembers a number of examples of celebrities who have diabetes, including about fifty sportsmen, politicians, actors, and writers. Diabetes did not prevent them from basking in their glory; a person should only go for it!

One of the greatest sportsmen with diabetes is well-known football-player Edison … Read more

Diabetes and the body

Diabetes and the body

How the body works when unaffected by diabetes, with Type 1 diabetes, with Type 2 diabetes.

To understand diabetes, you first need to know about how your body uses a hormone called insulin to handle glucose, a simple sugar that is its main source of energy. In diabetes, something goes wrong in your body so that you do not … Read more

Diabetes overview

Diabetes Overview

How diabetes occurs and how to treat it.

This is a well done video worth watching. The diabetics will get additional information in a different medium. This will enhance their know-how and skill in managing their condition.



Prediabetes – is a condition when sugar blood levels are between the normal level and diabetes mellitus level. A patient with prediabetes partly meets the diagnostic criteria for diabetes. This condition is often referred to as borderline diabetes, and is classified into two types: impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG) and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).

Impaired fasting glycaemiaRead more

Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, modern term – type 1 diabetes mellitus) is a type of diabetes mellitus that is caused by the destruction of pancreas β-cells that produce insulin. The lack of insulin leads to constantly increased blood and urine glucose levels. In most cases, type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by an autoimmune … Read more

Diabetes and Alcohol

Diabetes and Alcohol

People having any type of diabetes mellitus should be very careful about consuming alcohol. The reason for this is that in the process of digestion, alcohol is processed somewhat similarly to fat, providing the body with a considerable amount of calories. This means that blood sugar levels rise after alcohol consumption, especially when it comes … Read more

Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet

Treatment of whatever type of diabetes mellitus usually includes keeping to a special diabetic diet. Its aim is to help keep the glucose levels normal, lose weight, prevent cardiovascular complications, and generally increase life expectancy. Today, there exist a number of different approaches and diets, and it is complicated to distinguish one as the best … Read more

Diabetes treatment

Diabetes Treatment

The main goal of diabetes treatment is to gain control over the levels of blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipids to keep them at a normal range. The main focus is the glycaemic control, which means the normal levels of blood glucose in people with diabetes mellitus. To be always aware of the blood sugar … Read more

Gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a type of diabetes that develops in pregnant women who were not diagnosed with diabetes before pregnancy. It can be defined as glucose intolerance, or impaired glucose tolerance (for more details, please read the “Prediabetes”) with onset or first recognition during pregnancy. This definition is applicable to … Read more