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Actos (Pioglitazone) – oral drug for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Actos (Generic for Actos) medication is prescribed for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus (which is also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus). In the U.S., an immense number of people buy Actos for diabetes treatment regularly, having made it one of the best-selling drugs in the country. Generic for Actos is known under the name pioglitazone. Actos is used together with keeping to a special diet and exercises. Actos medication can be used either alone or with other drugs of the same type (e.g. Actos and metformin – Actos Met Plus) according to the prescription.

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How Actos Works

Actos medication, as well as pioglitazone, generic for Actos, refers to the class of thiazolidinedione with hypoglycemic action, which is basically a group of anti-diabetic drugs used specifically for treating diabetes mellitus of the second type. As any other medication of this type, the action of Actos for diabetes is described as lowering the glucose level in the blood after each intake. This is reached by reducing the insulin resistance due to which your cells aren’t influenced by insulin the proper way and thus can’t transform sugar into energy. With Actos, this condition improves and blood sugar levels quickly become lower. Despite a number of Actos side effects, Actos for diabetes type 2 is considered to be an extremely effective medicine.

Apart from that, Actos for diabetes is proved to have a certain effect on the blood lipid concentrations while not being developed for treating lipid levels disorders. Namely, it positively influences the levels of the so-called “good” cholesterol (HDL) and triglycerides. The level of the former grows and the level of the latter decreases, which generally has a positive effect on the patient.

How Should I Use Actos

Actos for diabetes is used in compliance with the Actos prescription in a certain Actos mg dosing given you by the doctor. This is what you need to know about taking your Actos mg dosing after you buy Actos online:

  • Actos si taken once a day, better at the same time each day.
  • Actos medication is taken only by mouth, either with or without food.
  • Actos should be taken regularly, not missing any dose, even if you start feeling better.

You should be very careful about the Actos dosing prescribed by the doctor. The lack of Actos, as well as Actos mg excess, can have negative effects on your condition and trigger Actos side effects.

You can buy Actos in the following forms:

  • Actos 15 mg
  • Actos 30 mg
  • Actos 45 mg

Depending on your specific condition, the doctor will choose the most appropriate Actos dosing, which you need to strictly adhere to. Besides, your doctor may find it necessary for you to take your Actos mg dose together with another medication, for example Actos and metformin (Actos 15 mg + metformin 500/850 mg), which is known as Actos Met Plus medication.

What if I miss a dose? If you miss your Actos mg dose, your blood sugar levels will rise. That is why take it as quickly as you can within the same day. If you miss the day, take your usual dose and never increase it to catch up for the missed one.

What happens if take a bigger dose? The overdose of Actos for diabetes has harmful effects on health and should be treated immediately. It may lead to fainting, seizures, or even coma, which all are caused by abnormally low blood sugar levels.

How should I store my Actos medication? Actos should be stored in a safe place at the temperature range of 59-860 F (15-300 C), away from humidity and moisture.

Where to Buy Actos

With Actos prescription from your doctor, it’s easy to buy Actos medication or generic for Actos in practically any drugstore. For more convenience, many diabetic patients choose to buy Actos online. In such a way you can find cheapest Actos online. Namely, at our online store, you can comfortably buy Actos online in whatever formulation you need. You can buy Actos 15 mg, Actos 30 mg, and Actos 45 mg at an indeed moderate price. Those who require treatment by Actos and metformin are offered to purchase Actos Met Plus. What is most convenient for you here is that to buy Actos online no prescription is needed.

Safety – learn before using

As Actos medication is being used to treat a serious disease, all information concerning safety should be studied not less carefully than you study Actos side effects information before you buy Actos online from us. Safety information includes contraindications, specific medical conditions that can be hazardous when taking Actos, and Actos interaction with other medications that you might be taking.


Actos contraindications mean that you should not undergo treatment by this medication, as it may lead to deterioration of your current medical condition, trigger other undesired conditions, while having no or almost no positive effect on keeping the blood sugar levels normal. Contraindications to Actos medication include:

  • Hypersensitivity to pioglitazone and other components of Actos.
  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, also known as juvenile diabetes).
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis (a complication of diabetes mellitus).
  • Moderate to severe heart failure.
  • Acute liver diseases during previous treatment by troglitazone (a medication similar in its action to pioglitazone).

Alerting Medical Conditions

There are a number of medical conditions that are not considered to be contraindicative, but are still alerting due to a certain probability of negative interaction with Actos. If you have any of those stated in the following list, you should consult your doctor or a qualified pharmacist to know whether it is still advisable for you to undergo Actos treatment or no. These alerting medical conditions include:

  • Pregnancy (current or planning) and lactation (breast-feeding).
  • Any allergic reactions to medicines, food, and other substances.
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis and any other diabetes-causes health problems.
  • Current treatment with other medications, intake of food supplements and herbal preparations.
  • History of heart, liver, or vision diseases or problems.
  • Edema (swelling).

Much attention is given to Actos heart question, especially in connection to Actos side effects. While not all heart problems serve as contraindications to Actos treatment, the whole group of thiazolidinediones, which generic for Actos, can exacerbate or even trigger congestive heart failure. This means that you should decide extremely carefully whether to buy Actos or not and consult your doctor beforehand.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Actos medication is often used alongside with other prescribed medications, for example Actos and metformin (possibly in the form of Actos Met Plus). Nevertheless, for all additional medicines, it is necessary to consult the doctor before you decide to buy Actos, as many commonly prescribed drugs may interact with Actos altering its effect. This may happen when taking the following medications:

  • Glipizide, metformin, and other oral anti-diabetic drugs – may lead to a lower blood sugar level than normal (hypoglycemia).
  • Insulin and gemfibrozil – may increase the risk of hypoglycemia as well.
  • Rifampin – may decrease the effect of Actos medication, which consequently leads to raising blood sugar level.
  • Warfarin and other anticoagulants (used to stop blood from clotting) – may either lose their own effectiveness, or increase the risk of their own side effects.
  • Oral contraceptives – may lose their effectiveness when taken with Actos.

If you are currently being treated with any of these medications, or any prescribed or non-prescribed drugs, please consult the doctor in order to buy Actos online from us with full confidence in its safety personally for you and to avoid undesired Actos side effects.

Possible Side Effects

Like almost all medications, Actos has a list of its possible side effects, ranging from minor to severe ones. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily experience all or some of Actos side effects right after you buy Actos online and start taking it. Nevertheless, you should be aware of them so that you could see yourself how your body responds to Actos medication, recognize severe side effects and seek medical help immediately in case of the latter.

Common Minor Actos Side Effects:

  • Headache.
  • Cough.
  • Sweating.
  • Muscle ache.
  • Sore throat.
  • Hunger and thirst increase.
  • Weight gain.

Special attention should be given to Actos and weight gain. While being one of common and not serious Actos side effects, weight gain may be a sign of developing heart failure or fluid retention, which should be treated additionally and may cause changes in your Actos mg dosing or Actos treatment cancellation. A useful fact is that Actos and metformin when taken together cause a comparatively smaller weight gain than when taking Actos alone.

Severe Actos Side Effects:

  • Heart problems – Actos heart influence may result in exacerbation or emergence of heart failure symptoms. Here, Actos and weight gain problem often serves as the first symptom.
  • Liver problems – symptoms of liver disorders including dark urine, vomiting, stomach pain, etc.
  • Hypoglycemia symptoms – headache, sweating, increased hunger, dizziness, etc.
  • Vision problems – blurred vision, poor eyesight, etc.
  • Severe allergic reactions – swelling of the mouth and face, rash, breathing difficulties, etc.

Should you experience any of these Actos side effects or other severe reactions that you associate with taking Actos medication, seek qualified medical assistance immediately. You should also consult your doctor in case your Actos mg dose is worsening or not improving your condition.

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